Unturned Essentials Commands

Format: /command [argument(s)] - "Description"

/ban [playername] - "Bans a player from your server, adding their Steam64UID to the bans.txt"
/i [itemid] [amount] - "Spawns any item on this list along with how many of that item"
/kick [playername] - "Kicks a player from your server."
/kill [playername] - "Slays the selected player."
/players - "Shows how many players are connected to your server."
/reload [admins, bans] "[admins] - Reloads the admin list on your server without a restart. [bans] Reloads all bans on your server without a restart."
/repair - "Refuels and repairs any vehicles on your server."
/say [message] - "Broadcasts a message to the whole server."
/spawn [loot, veh, entities] - "[loot] - Clears all loot on the ground and respawns it. [veh] - Grabs the nearest vehicle and brings it to your location. [entities] - Respawns all animals and zombies."
/time [get] - "Gets the servers time."
/tp [playername] - "Teleports you to the selected player."
/tphere [playername] - "Teleports the selected player to you."

* You do not need to type in the whole player name, you can type a selected peice and get the same result. eg. /tp Username will tp the sender to Username and /tp User will also tp the sender to Username.
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