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Down to One Dedicated Server Hosting

Down to One Logo Down to One is a competitive survival shooter in a large, interactive, open-world environment. Start out with nothing, and use anything you can find in the environment to survive, and eliminate other competitors over the course of a brutal round.
Core Features:

  • Advanced 'Netcode': Our networking system dynamically changes network update rates - 'tickrate' - as the player count decreases throughout a round.
  • Dynamic Looting: Everyone loves looting. With custom loot spawning mechanics, you'll find things where they should be.
  • Immersive Interaction: Interact with anything you find in the environment with procedural animation & use it to your advantage.
  • Full Body Character: It's hard to have an immersive experience as a floating pair of hands. In Down To One, what you see is what you get.
  • Realistic Bullet Physics: With physics values from real-world guns, and dynamic bullet penetration, ranged combat has never felt so good.
  • Built For Performance: With support for 4K resolution and DX11, your hardware won't get bored easily.
  • Responsive Input: Raw input sampling and competitively calibrated sensitivity. If you miss, it's not our fault.

Development Roadmap:
  • Esports Support: We love eSports, and plan to hold regular competitions and ladders in conjunction with regional eSports partners.
  • In-Game Replays: Relive your biggest plays, learn from skilled opponents, and record as many games as you want with an in-game replay system.
  • Improved Anticheat: With a custom anticheat system, and authoritative networking, we're aiming to tackle cheating head-on.

Down to One Server Features
  • 42 Slots*
  • Full FTP access**
  • Easy to use TCAdmin game control panel

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    * Disclaimer: this game is an early access. Bugs, glitches, and crashes are bound to occur!

    ** Certain 4files have been removed from view for security reasons.

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